Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our Stories

Lately I've been making up stories for Liza at night.  I just want to record some of the cahracters so that we will always remember our little friends.

Percy the Horse - Main character. Eats oats and hay. Sleeps in a stable. His mom makes pancakes and his dad hangs Christmas lights.

George the Pig- Percy's BFF. Eats slop, sleeps in a pig pen.

Alonzo the Cow - Lives in the meadow, eats grass.  In leiu of Chirstmas lights, he decorates a small section of the fence.

Bailey the Tree - Lives over the hill and across the meadow.  The animals often visit her and gather under her for picnics and play games under her.

Bonnie the Hen - sometimes joins in the fun.  Lives in hen house/chicken coop.

The Farmer - lives in the farmhouse and keeps watch over the barnyard.

The animals do lots of the things we do.  Like decorating the tree, going to music class, etc.

Liza has also started calling us "Mom" and "Dad." What happened to mommy and daddy?!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Things that go bump in the night...


At 4am 10/9/2017 there was a loud thud from Liza's room. She'd climbed out and then fell from her crib. This scared us both and she slept the rest of the night/morning in bed with me (Ryan was already in the guest room due to SNI - Sunday Night Insomnia).

When he came home from work we converted her crib to a toddler bed.  Then we took a moment to mourn the loss of one more "baby thing" that's gone forever.  Goodbye, crib.

Liza did great that night and she's currently taking her first nap in her toddler bed.  I had to use the "talk" function on the monitor to tell her to get back in and lay down one time, but then she stayed put and went to sleep. Horray!

Monday, September 18, 2017


We just spent a great week in Ocean City with Ryan's family.  Liza had a blast. I don't have much time to blog so I just want to update on a few cute things she's doing lately.

When she sings "all tired out" it comes out as "all tide-erd out"

She called herself Mademoiselle at the shore and walked around repeating her mantras: I'm a famous ballerina, I'm a pretty ballerina, and I look like Frida [Kahlo].

She napped on the beach on Friday, it was adorable

She wants to wear a ballet skirt 24/7 and has slept in it more than once.

We are doing the "Curly Girl Method" on her hair now and her curls are looking great!

She sings "Like a dino in the sky" instead of diamond in twinkle twinkle.

She's just the cutest ever!

When asked if she wanted two Brown's donuts instead of one she replied "I want three!"

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Huggin' Hydrants

Our summer is flying by. Liza has been sleeping so well and playing so hard. We've been going to Gymboree classes this month and she loves running up and down the foam ramp, going over the wooden bridge and balance beam, and jumping on the trampoline.  She did a somersault by herself today! We've also been doing story time at the library and toddler time at Giant. Between our activites and playdates with friends we stay busy!

Last weekend we went to Gates-Mills to spend time with Nanna and Pop pop. Liza had a great time and loved her new crib there. We went on a few walks, some with her shopping cart and some without. We found a fire hydrant and she give it a big hug. Ryan said, "I bet that fire hydrant has never had a hug before!"

My parents were able to meet all of us at the Cleveland Rainforest.  We saw a bunch of animals and then had a nice lunch at Johnny Mangos. The next day, while we were eating at Nanna and Poppops table, Liza announced "The name of the restaurant is Johnny Mangos!" She's always listening!

She's a very happy girl and is always playing, singing, and dancing.  She's a conlanger - she's made up her own language by adding "tay" to end of words. Comptertay! Milktay! Treestay! Monitortay! Grandmatay! Mommytay! We have fun saying all different words with "tay" in the car.

Jen came to visit a couple weeks ago and we had a nice time at the Ned Smith Craft and Nature fest. We packed lunches and then had a nice dinner at ROOTS on Progress ave.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Two much fun

*She was 2 in May!

Our big girl is two years old!  We had a great time visiting family in Ohio and celebrating her birthday.  She played with grandma and grandpa and was happy as a clam the whole time we were there.  She did get a stomach bug, seemingly, while we were there. She woke up puking 4 times in one night, heartbreaking!  She went back to sleep easily after all those sheet and pj changes and took a few sips of water and was fine the next morning.

We have been busy enjoying our playdates with friends at playgrounds, our house, and at friends' homes.  MusicTogether just wrapped for the season and we will start back in the fall.  We begin a new session of Toddler Storytime at the library on Monday.  Liza has also been loving the Friendship Center pool.  Ryan has joined us twice and got to see how much Liza loves the water.

We head out to Ocean City for a week next Friday - can't wait to relax on the beach.  Haha!  I mean I can't wait to chase Liza all around, in and out of the water, around the rocks, etc.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


I just have to take a moment to post some of Liza's recent musings.

We were sitting on the couch together and she was holding up her little penguin, showing it things in the room.  Then she holds it by my chests and, so clearly, she says "Look, Penguin! It's Mommy's scar!" (I have a tiny little chicken pock scar that she's aways pointed to.) Then she holds it to the scar and says "Penguin eating mommy's scar." I started laughing then she leans in and licks it! I said "Oh, now Liza is eating it?" And she said "I taste it! Tastes like soap."

This really cracked me up.  She went over to the window with the penguin and lifted it above her head and said "Penguin on escalator, going to see Big Man!" The Big Man is a large statue at the state museum, we take an escalator when we are there to go see it.

She amazes me every day!

Not only is she speaking well, but she is using her imagination too!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Out like a lamb...

Every day Liza has so many more words and ideas.  She loves to have things explained to her so that she can repeat the steps back to you.  Everyone comments on how cute her gallop/prance/dance-y way of running is.  Every night at dinner she gives us live entertainment with her dancing and laughing.  She loves music and will request songs by name.  Just last night she was singing "Echa Pa'lla by Pitbull in her crib after I put her to bed. She loves when there is a puddle in out cul-de-sac to jump in.

We went swimming yesterday and she really enjoyed it after being skeptical at first and wanting to "go bye bye" as soon as we got in.  She didn't want to leave!  I also filled a plastic bin with corn flakes and she's been enjoying playing with the bin using spoons and cups.

We got a second opinion on Ryan's illness at Johns Hopkins on Tuesday and it was a very long appointment.  She did really well with snacks and books while the Doctors talked to Ryan.  The are confident that he is getting the right treatment at hershey and they think this could be a one-time illness and he may never relapse.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring update

Although it's not officially spring...

My mom is back and visiting with us again this week.  Liza is in total bliss playing with Grandma all day.  She's been showing off with how many words she's been learning and she is still dancing all the time, even when she runs she looks like she is dancing a little.  She requests songs by name still.  She loves Harry Belafonte's version of Hine Ma Tov and his Hava Nagila duet with Danny Kaye which we play on youtube.

Last week we celebrated Christmas with Ryan's family.  We had dinner at his aunts house and had to head down to the basement during a tornado warning!  Liza had fun playing with her cousins and we enjoyed spending time with everyone. Liza got an awesome teepee for the front room along with several other really neat gifts.

I'm at the library right now while my mom is home with Liza.  I'm editing a couple submissions for the Lady Blue Publishing bi-annual literary magazine.  I'm excited that my writing will actually be published soon!

I've also managed to sew Liza an Easter dress complete with matching hat and shoes.  I'm not sure if i"ll make anything for her to wear on her birthday, but I might...I just might.

Ryan has been feeling much better and stronger.  We are still dealing with some questions and his medications have been adjusted and added to.  We are planning on getting a second opinion at Johns Hopkins as soon as he has another CTA and a urology consult next week.

Prayers are very welcome that we can put his health issues behind us very soon.  We are so thankful that he is home and feeling well enough to be back to work full time.