Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring update

Although it's not officially spring...

My mom is back and visiting with us again this week.  Liza is in total bliss playing with Grandma all day.  She's been showing off with how many words she's been learning and she is still dancing all the time, even when she runs she looks like she is dancing a little.  She requests songs by name still.  She loves Harry Belafonte's version of Hine Ma Tov and his Hava Nagila duet with Danny Kaye which we play on youtube.

Last week we celebrated Christmas with Ryan's family.  We had dinner at his aunts house and had to head down to the basement during a tornado warning!  Liza had fun playing with her cousins and we enjoyed spending time with everyone. Liza got an awesome teepee for the front room along with several other really neat gifts.

I'm at the library right now while my mom is home with Liza.  I'm editing a couple submissions for the Lady Blue Publishing bi-annual literary magazine.  I'm excited that my writing will actually be published soon!

I've also managed to sew Liza an Easter dress complete with matching hat and shoes.  I'm not sure if i"ll make anything for her to wear on her birthday, but I might...I just might.

Ryan has been feeling much better and stronger.  We are still dealing with some questions and his medications have been adjusted and added to.  We are planning on getting a second opinion at Johns Hopkins as soon as he has another CTA and a urology consult next week.

Prayers are very welcome that we can put his health issues behind us very soon.  We are so thankful that he is home and feeling well enough to be back to work full time.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Good Riddance, January 2017!

Well I'm glad THAT'S over!

Our family faced a pretty hefty challenge last month when Ryan was stricken with what I like to call "The Mystery Illness."  He began having fevers on January 4, was admitted to Pinnacle Hospital on 1/9, moved to Hershey Medical Center on 1/17, and finally came home on 1/26...17 days in the hospital.  It was a long road with a ton of bloodwork, imaging, medication, and even a thoracentisis thrown in for good measure.  We missed him so much.  It was so hard not knowing what was wrong, the doctors were really stumped for a while.  It was tough on me knowing he wanted me to be there with him, but I could only manage a few hours a day to visit.

It wasn't all bad.  The positive was that Ryan's parents came and stayed with Liza and I for over a week, and then my mom came and stayed with us for over a week as well.  Liza had so much quality time with her grandparents while they were here supporting us and Ryan.  We really enjoyed their company and they made the situation easier on all three of us.  She really blossomed with her speech and is repeating and saying so many words and phrases.  Even a complete sentence here and there!

She still loves to dance and dances constantly around the house and at Music Together.  My mom came up with an idea to shine her Turtle star and moon projector night light onto the floor in the dark and Liza dances up a storm - you'd think she was at a disco!  She asks for certain songs by name and call fill in many of the words as we sing.  She loves when we all dance together and use her musical instruments, like the kazoo, cymbals and tambourine.

Ryan is home now and getting his strength back.  We are so happy to be getting back to normal.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Growing and growing

Much has happened since my last post!  Liza now has her 2 bottom teeth, two upper molars and two lower molars.  Her 2 canines just poked through today.  All she wants for christmas is her two front teeth!  She doesn't care much for brushing but we are working on it every night and morning.

We had a fun Halloween party here at our house with a bunch of moms and baby friends.  Liza was adorable as Frida Kahlo, complete with black yarn head piece with ribbons braided in and set with flowers.  Unibrow too, of course.  I fashioned her a Tijuana dress as best I could using clothes from Wonders Found cut up and sewed together.  The other babies looked cute too.  We had snacks and some music playing.

October flew by and so did November.  We finished up our music class and that will restart in January.  Liza graduated from Born to Read at the library and will start Toddler Time next month as well.  We've gone to an indoor playground at the Friendship Center several times which she really enjoys.

We had a great Thanksgiving in Gates Mills with Ryan's family.  Liza played with her cousin Josh and had lots of fun with Nanna and Pop-pop too, along with some quality time with Aunt Nicole and Uncle Scott.  She attempted to say "telescope" when she saw Pop-pop's big telescope in the basement.  It came out as "gah-goo-gook" but hey, that's three syllables!  We were at Costco yesterday and she pointed to one behind me and said it.  I turned around and looked and sure enough there it was- I was impressed!

Liza has been dancing up a storm and we call it her "happy dance" when she gallops and waves her arms in the air.  I made a montage video of her dancing to Billy Idol's "Dancing with myself."  So cute!

We've been meeting up with friends often, whether having them over to our house or going to theirs, or meeting somewhere else like the library or Bass Pro Shop (where they have a holiday activity area set up).

Today we had about 8 moms (and a dad!) over to our house for a playdate with some snacks.  It was fun having everyone over, and it always motivates me to clean the house really well before they come.  I got some pictures of all the kids with our good camera.  It really feels like a party when everyone is over.

Liza has shown us that she enjoys playing with clothes and towels by putting them over her head or around her shoulders and walking around the house like that.  She also like to hold may items in her hands at once, sometimes using her chin to help keep them in her hands.

I sewed her both a Christmas dress and a cozy robe.  The both came out pretty well, I'm pretty proud of my sewing lately.  It's not perfect and one can easy see the amateur stitching, but I love the items on her.  I made her a poncho too that fits great and looks so cute on her.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Lots to report since my last entry!  Liza is growing so fast.  She has 3 teeth now, one is in the back and I didn't know it was there until I felt it, so who knows when it actually poked through.  Liza is always running now, enjoying her play slide, play grounds, a crawling through tube my mom got her, and a pile of couch cushions that she can scramble up.  In addition to major gross motor gains, she has become very affectionate, which is the most precious thing.

Often while I'm at the sink or the counter she will walk up and hug my legs, sometimes when I'm holding her she will lean in and give me a kiss - it melts my heart!  She's been doing this for me for a little while now, but this weekend she started hugging and kissing Ryan and I know his heart is a puddle now too.

We've started up our music class and Liza is much more interactive with the songs and instruments.  She barely sits still at Born to Read and likes to walk right up to the book while the teacher is reading a story to the babies.  She knows when its time to put the animal puppets away and willing runs over to put her animal in the bag.

We had a great trip to Salt Lake City in September and a fun few days in Ocean City with Ryan's parents.  Liza totally loved the beach an ocean and playing around Ryan's grandma's house while we were there.  We also got to spend a few days in Canfield and Liza got lots of family time and a quick trip to the awesome Canfield library.

She's going down easier at night now, which is wonderful.  However, she still struggles when we travel.  It's hard to know if its different surroundings that are keeping her from going to sleep or if there is a coincidental tooth popping through.

We've been having lots of fun hanging out with friends.  Beth and Thea come over a lot to play, and we go and see Shannon and Tyler sometimes among other get-togethers.  We've enjoyed going to the market with Liza and taking her to Paulus Farm yesterday to play in their corn shed and corn maze.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Goodbye summer

Tonight we took a crisp walk with my mom, who is visiting overnight.  We've had quite the last two weeks.  Liza and us enjoyed a long weekend of grandma visiting which gave Ryan and I the chance to go out to dinner and for coffee after.  We also all went to the west shore market and got some tasty watermelon, cantaloupe and beets at the market and then had a great greek lunch at Hellenic Kouzina.

Unfortunately the following Friday Liza got her first fever.  We had to treat her for about 54 hours (The doctor said it shouldn't go beyond 48).  I took her to get checked on Monday and she had a little rash on her belly.  The doctor thought it might be roseola.  Who know.  We had more rash issues on Tuesday and ended up having to give Benadryl.  Things seem to be all back to normal now.

And guess who got her first tooth - finally!  Liza sprouted a sharp little tooth that were able to feel on Sunday night.  At certain angles you can juuust see it poking up.  15 months + 1 week.  She took her sweet time!

On Saturday we head to Salt lake with little Beanie Baby for a fun week of reliving our year of fun in the Wasatch,

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Red white and Walking!

About 2 weeks ago Liza took her first steps. Ryan and I were sitting at the table and Liza was just off the carpet near her high chair. We were just talking and watched her take about 3 or 4 steps from the hardwood into the carpet near her high chair. Exciting!  

She's since been walking further and further. 

We are on our way home from a fun weekend in Canfield. We visited baba in rehab after her hip surgery and went to aunt Noreen's new condo for a 4th of July picnic.  It went fast as usual but we had a really nice time being home and seeing Liza spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. 

On the move - big time!

Liza is unstoppable now. When she wants to move, don't get in her way! 

We enjoyed a visit from my parents and grandparents last month right around my birthday. Liza got to play with everyone while we ate pizza and salad. 

We've been keeping busy with library story time, some play dates, and toddler time at Giant. We had a little picnic at ft Hunter with our friends Beth and Thea. We swam in our friends' Shannon and Tyler's new pool, and we've enjoyed going to our "favorite place in Harrisburg" Wonders Found Thrift Shop about once a week. Last week I got Liza a toy upright vacuum cleaner for $1.50 and she loves it!

Last weekend we went to te Poconos so Ryan and his sister Nicole could complete a relay triathalon together. My in laws came too and Liza had a ball running all around the hotel and restaurants with them. She bonded with cousin Josh a little more too! We took a quick swim in the hotel pool and watched some of the olympics while we were there. Nicole and Ryan had a great race and Liza was carried over the finish line. 

I've been sewing more lately and made Liza 3 pairs of shoes, Robeez style. One pair is real suede but the others are faux. 
I also made a pair for Thea and one for Shannon's baby who is due next month. 

This weekend we are in Gates Mills visiting Ryan's parents. (we saw a tornado on the way!) We went to the rainforest at the Cleveland zoo yesterday. And had delicious Cuban sandwiches for dinner. Liza is loving a new house to run around in. She's been carrying her new toys all around the house with nanna and enjoying pop pop reading to her. 

I have to finish tagging items for the next consignment sale in two weeks. We also have a visit from my mom to look forward to next week! She will be staying a few days and I know Liza will be loving every minute with her Grandma - and grandma will be loving it too! 

I'm looking forward to Music Together starting again as I know Liza will be participating and soaking in so much more now that she's mobile. I'm also excited for a bunch of new songs!

We have Ryans office pool party coming up, followed by a trip to Utah (Liza too this time!) and then a trip Ocean
City. We plan on visiting Canfield again at the beginning of October and then the holidays will be upon us before we know it. 

I'll blog again soon!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

One year

My sweet baby will be one year old on Saturday.  It's so strange for me to feel the same weather, smell the same flowers, and even wear some of the same clothes I wore a year ago.  It remind me of a time when Liza wasn't quite here yet, and for some reason that plays tricks on my mind, like it didn't really happen.

I remember getting home from work and making spring rolls to eat on the porch while I did my charting.  I remember all my patients asking about my due date.  I remember that rolling over in bed required a warm-up and a cool-down.

Sometimes I look back at labor and the birth and think if I had to do it over I would change a few things.  It's easy to say "oh I would have gotten in the birthing tub, I would have walked the halls, I would have done even more skin-to-skin.  I wouldn't have gone into the hospital for another couple hours."  But truthfully, everyone does the best they can and thats all you get.  I was blessed with a health baby at the end of it all.  I was one of the lucky ones who had a supportive mother of her own to come and stay and help when I was more than clueless.

The first few weeks were so hard for Ryan and I.  But after the first month things got better and better.  Liza's personality came out when we was about 5 weeks old.  She was smiling and kicking her legs like crazy in Ocean City, her first little trip.

Fast forward to today.  Liza is sleeping still (yay!) after getting up once last night, fighting sleep again on being put back down.  We have music class at 9:30 where she will crawl all around the room and shake her little instruments.  We might walk on City Island later with a group called Hike It Baby. We have mom groups and play dates, library story time, swim lessons.  All sorts of activities with a new group of great friends.  Its been a transformational year and I am so happy I'm fortunate enough to stay home and be with Liza as she grows and learns.

Our family is a family now.  We became a family of 3, and for lack of a better word, its perfect.