Thursday, January 4, 2018

Quick notes

Happy 2017! Liza is napping (possibly in the recliner like yesterday, I can't tell by the monitor) and I have a few minutes to record some memories from the past few weeks.

We had a great holiday in Canfield. I was sick for a couple days with a stomach bug, but well again by christmas. Liza had a ball playing with Grandma all week. We took her to Fellows Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek Park where the entire building was decorated in "Toyland" theme. Liza loved seeing all the trees and decorations, especially the soldiers and nutcrackers.  We had lunch at the Kravitz cafe inside before heading home. She liked it there so much that we went back when Ryan got into town. He enjoyed it also.

We made a stop at the Canfield Library where Liza enjoyed dressing up and decorating a reindeer.

Her favorite part of the week was may have been playing with all grandma's little nutcrackers and other decorations (like a musical carousel) and watching a Disney Christmas sing-a-long VHS tape from my own childhood.

We were lucky to have Nana and Pop Pop over for new years this year, and Liza kept them busy with reading, playing, and marching around like, what else, soldiers! Liza was blessed with very thoughtful gifts from my family in Canfield as well as Nana and Pop Pop during their visit. As were Ryan and I - I'm wearing my soft new robe as I type this!

Liza has started using the word "actually" which is really cute. And last night while Ryan and I were making the bed she said "Do you need some help, guys?"

She's become very particular about what she wears and when she wears it, for example, she doesn't sleep in PJ pants anymore, only regular leggings. She hardly ever will wear a dress, because she only wants pants with a skirt on top. She also prefers to wear her hair in a bun.

We had some friends over for New Years Eve and Liza loved playing and giving out hugs. We are so happy that we have good friends here in Harrisburg, with lovely children for Liza to grow up with.

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