Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring update

Although it's not officially spring...

My mom is back and visiting with us again this week.  Liza is in total bliss playing with Grandma all day.  She's been showing off with how many words she's been learning and she is still dancing all the time, even when she runs she looks like she is dancing a little.  She requests songs by name still.  She loves Harry Belafonte's version of Hine Ma Tov and his Hava Nagila duet with Danny Kaye which we play on youtube.

Last week we celebrated Christmas with Ryan's family.  We had dinner at his aunts house and had to head down to the basement during a tornado warning!  Liza had fun playing with her cousins and we enjoyed spending time with everyone. Liza got an awesome teepee for the front room along with several other really neat gifts.

I'm at the library right now while my mom is home with Liza.  I'm editing a couple submissions for the Lady Blue Publishing bi-annual literary magazine.  I'm excited that my writing will actually be published soon!

I've also managed to sew Liza an Easter dress complete with matching hat and shoes.  I'm not sure if i"ll make anything for her to wear on her birthday, but I might...I just might.

Ryan has been feeling much better and stronger.  We are still dealing with some questions and his medications have been adjusted and added to.  We are planning on getting a second opinion at Johns Hopkins as soon as he has another CTA and a urology consult next week.

Prayers are very welcome that we can put his health issues behind us very soon.  We are so thankful that he is home and feeling well enough to be back to work full time.

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