Sunday, April 9, 2017


I just have to take a moment to post some of Liza's recent musings.

We were sitting on the couch together and she was holding up her little penguin, showing it things in the room.  Then she holds it by my chests and, so clearly, she says "Look, Penguin! It's Mommy's scar!" (I have a tiny little chicken pock scar that she's aways pointed to.) Then she holds it to the scar and says "Penguin eating mommy's scar." I started laughing then she leans in and licks it! I said "Oh, now Liza is eating it?" And she said "I taste it! Tastes like soap."

This really cracked me up.  She went over to the window with the penguin and lifted it above her head and said "Penguin on escalator, going to see Big Man!" The Big Man is a large statue at the state museum, we take an escalator when we are there to go see it.

She amazes me every day!

Not only is she speaking well, but she is using her imagination too!

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